Japanese Film Noir.

Japanese Film Noir.

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Author: Roberto Cueto

Published by: San Sebastian International Film Festival

Pages: 532

A complete and previously inexistent approach to Japanese film noir down through the years of its history, from the 20s until now. This book, coordinated by Roberto Cueto, contains analyses of the different trends, from the crime movies of the 30s and 40s, through representation of the yakuza, the auteur thrillers of the 60s and the violence of the 70s, to today’s most representative moviemakers. With texts by Carlos Aguilar, Daniel Aguilar, Roberto Cueto, Shigehiko Hasumi, Kaizo Hayashi, Kyoko Hirano, Ignacio Huidobro, Hirotsi Komatsu, Beatriz Martínez, Toshihiro Motomura, Antonio José Navarro, Makoto Shinozaki, Eduard Terrades Vicens, Antonio Weinrichter and Sadao Yamane.

In Spanish, with an English translation.

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